Ringtones are the wonderful sound produced from a mobile phone whenever a new call or message arrives. There are many different types and kinds of ringtones people can use and chose from. To an extent, ringtones can even play a role in the increased demand of a particular phone – are more and a better variety of ringtones available on a paticular phone? One modern feature is to allow users to use more than one ringtone, in order to distinguish between callers. Keeping a single ringtone could help you to identify calls from your mobile when you are in a noisy place – but who really cares about being practical these days?

One very popular ringtone is that of a high frequency ring tone, these ringtones are difficult for adults to hear because of damage that occurs as they age. This can allow teens and young adults to receive messages and calls in private.

There are three main types of ringtones, including:

1. Monophonic ringtones: They are simple tones that are found in most of the mobile phones. It consists of a series of sequential tones in different frequencies.

2. Polyphonic ringtones: this is capable of playing up to 16 separate tones in one stretch. A harmonic melody is created by the combination of different tones. Latest phones supports polyphonic ringtones .As they are more musical, they carry better presence. Most of the models in Motorola, Samsung, Siemens, Sony-Ericsson, LG, Sanyo, and Panasonic have polyphonic ring tones.

3. Music ring tones: They are re the voice or the real tones. They are the original pieces of music with lyrics. The format is usually MP3 or WAV. Almost all the mobile phone manufacturers include this feature in phones.

How to find new ringtones for your mobile?

There are a many websites in the internet that offer ringtones, graphics or even games to download onto your mobile phone. Some of them allow you to buy the ringtone from the site while others offer a subscription through which you can download a number of ring tones from the website. When you find a new ringtone, clarify it works on your mobile and the website has the permission to sell that particular ring tone.

MyMixer is certainly the most popular ringtones website, offering millions of different pieces of mobile content for the discerning user. Why stop at just a couple thousand ringtones when you can have millions? Better yet, My Mixer features a very large user base, ensuring that new content is frequently added and updated. Finally, My Mixer Ringtones are the best because they permit you to create your customized ringtones – just by uploading music from your computer!

But MyMixer is just one site in many – the ringtone industry is huge. Many companies have come forward with new variations in the same old ringtone. Ringtones have evolved a lot from the first ringing bells of the land-line based phones. Now they have become so huge that people are addicted to constantly updating their phones with the newest ringtones. Mobile ringtones have also opened new business opportunities for entrepreneurial individuals.

With the latest technology, such as that available at MyMixer, you can convert MP3 songs on your computer directly into ringtones. You can download a song of choice to your PC, from a service like iTunes or Amazon Music, and then convert it into ringtone! Mp3 ringtones have become more popular as you can hear the actual song lyrics of your favorite artists, versus the old type that just “hummed” a tune.