Mobile phones have become the latest thing and madness not just because of the functionality and the convenience these devices offer, but more so because of its amazing and cool features. One of the more popular attributes that make the newest cell phone model a must-have is its customizable sounds for incoming calls and texts, or otherwise more popularly known as MyMixer ringtones. Choosing ring tones is one of the most popular and best ways to personalize your mobile handset. Of course images and wall papers also help in giving your phone a unique identity, but nothing draws an owner’s attention (or even the attention of others) to an incoming message or call better than a ring tone.

The use of cool ring tones, although functional, was actually made to draw customers based on its entertainment appeal. It has come a long way since its monophonic days. Back then, ring tones are limited to being monotones or monophonic sound files, and being the first generation of tones, it lacked the melodious music qualities heard in true tones and polyphonic tones available today. Monophonic tones actually sounded more like computer beeps. Then came the second generation or the polyphonic tones, followed by the newest and ultra modern generation in the form of My Mixer tones.

With the innovations in technology plus the need for other high-tech features including better-sounding ring tones, mobile phone manufacturers came up with advanced handsets using cutting-edge technology, thus modernizing the industry and all cell phones in general. For most manufacturers, customizable ring tones have been integrated in the newest cell phone models as a marketing strategy to lift and push sales. Communication advancement can be seen with the development of call, email, text, even web features of the modern handset, but with the development of ring tones, it was primarily made for consumer appeal.

The impact of Mymixer ring tones to improved sales can be seen in the recent surveys, as these surveys confirm that the phone’s capability to handle cool ring tones account for 7 out of every 10 mobile phones sold. As more and more people want to be in fashion not just with the latest trends but also with the latest ring tones which show off their taste in music, ring tones have become a big business. Nowadays, ring tone advertisements can be seen almost everywhere due to the fact that phones are everywhere as well.

Ring tones for modern handsets are available in various forms, ranging from a combination of sounds, to excerpts of the latest hits, or just the chorus of your favorite song. Recordings are even possible, and cell phone users can now set their ring tone to a recording of a loved ones’ voice. Using your spouse’s or your baby’s voice as ring tone would surely get your attention every time you receive a call or SMS and thus it can guarantee that you will not miss a call or a message again.

Aside from these options mentioned, ring tones can also be downloaded from various wap sites. Since most mobile phones today are wap-enabled, you can quickly get your preferred ring tone from your service provider via SMS. It can also be done online. With the increasing demands for the latest MyMixer ring tones, many sites even allocate a considerable space in their site for ring tone downloads. Using bluetooth or infrared wireless technology or a data cable, the latest tunes can now be used in your cell phone as a ring and message alert tone.

Although it is easy to get ring tones from various sources, it is very important to consider two factors before choosing your ring tone. Since not all mobile phones are created equal, be sure to know what format your handset can support. Older units may only be able to support monotones, while the newer models can handle polyphonic, true tones, and mp3 files. Secondly, service providers can also play a role in limiting the ring tones you could use, as some were made singularly for a specific provider.

MyMixer ringtones can definitely personalize your cell phone, and at the same time it gives others a peek into your personality. There are many sources and choices available, so enjoy your gadget’s features and have fun hunting ring tones!