MyMixer is the largest, easiest site for mobile content

MyMixer offers millions of free ringtones, wallpapers, games and more. These free ringtones can be sent directly to your phone using MyMixer’s user-friendly service. However, the best feature of all is that you can turn any music files on your computer into ringtones.

Just use a program like iTunes to convert your favorite CDs into MP3 files, and using MyMixer you can convert the files into ringtones and download them directly to your phone. No more paying $2-$5 from your carrier to get your favorite song as a ringtone – if you own it, just use MyMixer.

Free or low-cost subscription: your choice

For those who do not even want that much trouble, MyMixer offers a low cost subscription service. For only about $10 per month, you can have access to thousands of ringtones already converted, from the most popular songs and top artists, so that you do not even need to own the CDs.

I’ve signed up for the subscription service before and found that it was worth the money. While out with friends I might hear a really hot song, but not want to buy the CD or pay extra for the ringtone. That is where the subscription came in handy, I could instantly download the ringtone from MyMixer and set it up as my primary ringer in seconds.

MyMixer is one of the most popular ringtone sources

It’s no suprise that MyMixer is one of the most popular places to get mobile content. A friend recently e-mailed me this comment:

All my friends use MyMixer. From the hottest new hits, to undiscovered talent, MyMixer is our mobile hub. We never get ringtones anywhere else.

If it wasn’t for MyMixer, I don’t know what I would do. I know I wouldn’t be able to afford the phone bills! MyMixer is the largest and fastest growing site for mobile entertainment — with millions of users and millions of ringtones, wallpapers, games and an easy-to-use service, there’s no site out there that even comes close.

Make your own ringtones

Happy MyMixer userTrying to find that perfect ringtone can get frustrating and difficult. It’s often hard to find just the right song. The song that you will have to hear numerous times per day. The song that means “Your girlfriend is calling!” Or the song that could mean “Your bills are overdue!”

So if you know what song you really want, and maybe MyMixer just happens to not have it, you can skip searching for it and just upload it directly to MyMixer. The easy ringtone service convert it and send it to your phone. For free!

Features for independent artists

Are you an undiscovered band having trouble? MyMixer could be right for you. Just upload your best, most catchy song to MyMixer and let people download it as a ringtone. Soon, you will be getting free publicity, and people will begin asking about your band.

It’s almost as good as a concert gig! Get your band’s name out there. It’s really a perfect opportunity to take advantage of viral marketing, spreading your songs by word-of-mouth. If your unsigned, MyMixer will also be willing to promote your band and offer free ringtones to their users.

Other features of MyMixer

Aside from the millions of ring tones, you can also download wallpapers, games, photos and videos. It is easy to browse the large collection, or search for a specific piece of mobile content. You can also sort by “most popular” and find some cool, free content that way.

Just like with the ringtones, you can upload your own images, photos, and videos and convert them to cellphone content. Just grab that picture of you and your special someone, upload it to MyMixer, convert it to a wallpaper, and use it on your phone as a special surprise.